What health benefits does tea have?

Author of the 1906 philosophical take, the Book of Tea, Okakura says it best with, “Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage”. What we take for a granted as a beverage, has a numerous health benefit.

Scientific research and multiple studies now confirm what many Asian families have known for hundreds of years: that tea contains the antioxidants that protect regular tea drinkers from a whole host of ailments. However, an important note is that much like other compounds that have multiple health benefits, the dosage is just as important as drinking the tea itself.

Research shows that you need to get enough polyphenols from your tea for it to make a difference. While this is only just an average, and you need to keep a regular practice of drinking tea, the ideal amount is four cups per day.

A common question and concern before people Buy Antique tea are on the drinking of tea with milk. Most people consume their tea with some form of dairy, either milk or cream. The concern is the absorption of polyphenols in the digestive tract when drinking with milk. However, fortunately for all, research shows that there is no difference in absorption when drinking with or without milk.

Now you can drink your tea with the knowledge that it can help with the main degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Buy Generation Tea products for authenticity and quality.