Use Foam Inserts for Healthier and More Comfortable Cushions

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Are you aware of all the ways an old, saggy cushion can affect your life negatively? Not only do old cushions feel painful and uncomfortable to sit in, but they also fail to adequately support your body. They also encourage poor posture, which leads to pain, poor respiration, and pinched nerves. Furthermore, if they are too flat, they can cause unhealthy compression on …

The Healthy Necessity of Replacing Your Seat Cushions

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Sofa cushions and other seat cushions are usually made from materials such as polyurethane foam. Like all furniture materials, the structure of foam eventually breaks down after years of human body weight exerting pressure on it. After a set amount of years, your foam cushions will become uneven, misshapen, and uncomfortable to sit on.

This discomfort is your body’s indication that the cushions are …