Four Tips to Stay on Track With Your Workouts


While it’s hard enough to get motivated to start working out, it often tends to be far more difficult when one has kept up with a routine, and then had to stop for a while. Starting over can be very difficult then, and therefore, one must continue to work out come what may.

In order to do this, here are a few tips by which one can spice their workout …

The Best ABS Exercises

Since the objective of every exercise-freak is to sport a pair of six-pack abs soon, one of the areas of focus in their exercise routine is on the muscle group also known as their abdominals (abs, for short).

And while getting best results for the efforts that you put in these days is also a matter of curiosity and one that generates a lot of opinion, here are the best …

Five Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises

If there’s one word to describe the reason why people want to use dumbbells to work out, try ‘body definition’. Of course, while the focus these days of most people is to burn fat, dumbbells ensure that the muscle groups that you focus on in your training sessions are strengthened sooner rather than later.
But are these benefits only related ‘body definition’?

While the answer to this question is a …

What can I expect in a first massage therapy visit?

By Garden Retreat Spa

Most people receive a massage in a commercial setting, such as a spa, wellness center, or massage clinic. But now massages are becoming common in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics as well. If you decide to enjoy a head massage or a full body massage NYC, here are a few tips on what you can expect from your first massage visit.

Before the massage – If you …

What Keeps Cindy Crawford Looking So Spectacular


Cindy-CrawfordEven though her days as a supermodel may have passed, one thing remains constant: Cindy Crawford looks great. And that’s no easy feat to pull off: how many celebs have we seen lose their looks or, even worse, hurt them by overdoing it with implants and other cosmetics procedures?

But Cindy is consistent. How does she do it? Well, after combing through interviews with this all-time supermodel, we found a …

Things to remember when booking a prenatal massage


By Garden Retreat Spa

Many new york asian massage parlors offer prenatal massages. This technique involves a deep massage that will help to improve your circulation. A prenatal massage will help both your mind and body relax, while increasing blood flow and assisting your lymphatic system to function well. Other benefits of a prenatal massage include relieving joint, neck and back pain that can be caused during pregnancy.

Things to …

Organic Skincare for a Younger skin


Every girl longs for a naturally soft and radiant skin. Contrary to the popular belief, cosmetic surgeries, chemical treatments, and layers of makeup cannot compete against the flawlessness of natural care.

Besides, nature can offer so much nurture and love that you will have no need to turn to the harsh treatments involving toxins and lasers.

Organic is not a product or a substance; rather, it is a lifestyle. Organic …

How Exercising in the Rain Can Actually Be Beneficial

Exercising in the Rain

Written by: Nick Di Ruscio

There are numerous advantages to working out in the rain. First of all, it’s a challenge that not many people want to tackle head-on. Most people would prefer to stay indoors and push their run to the next day. Instead, why not take up this challenge so it can fuel you to train harder day after day. Here are some of the benefits that you …

Pro Tips that will Help You Achieve the Most Efficient Exercise Routine

Efficient Exercise Routine

People often approach fitness with the mindset to maximize every effort, whether it’s strength training or cardio. Yet, that mentality isn’t always best. You should strive to optimize your efforts, not maximize them. Los Angeles based personal trainer, Nick Di Ruscio is one of the fitness experts who popularized this movement. The old adage – work smarter, not harder definitely applies to your exercise routine.

Here are some pro tips …

Cosmetic Dentistry Options


A beautiful smile can make a world of difference. People with a great smile are more confident. Better career opportunities may even be opened up for people who can flash a great set of pearly whites. For people who were not genetically blessed with fantastic teeth, there are still options to create a dazzling smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has long been used by the stars, who absolutely must have the brightest …

Meet the Mother of 43 Million Immigrants


By Phineas Upham

Grace Abbot shared her mother’s zeal to make a the world a better place, although she did not become a Quaker to achieve the dream. Lizzie Abbot was a very big influence on young Grace. She’d been an abolitionist, and a supporter of suffrage. Her father was also socially conscious, being both an attorney and a politician later in his life.

When Abbot graduated Grand Island College …

John Marsh: Intrepid Doctor and Businessman


By Phin Upham

In 1836, after having tried and failed at being a merchant, John Marsh walked into Southern California and decided to stake his claim there. He had the good fortune of studying medicine at Harvard, so he arrived and showed the Mexican government in charge his Harvard degree, which was written in Latin. The Governors could not read Latin, but understood the degree was probably important so they …

The Alfred Mann Foundation has Uncovered an Incredible Breakthrough


There was a time, not too long ago, when the prospect of a robotic prosthesis was confined to the realm of sci-fi movies. Today, the Alfred Mann Foundation, working with Rich Davis and the Rogers & Cowan promotional team, is announcing an incredible breakthrough that has potential to completely change the recovery of patients suffering from debilitating injuries. Staff Sergeant James Sides will be the world’s first recipient of a …