Trends that are shaping the future of telemedicine

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Telemedicine has become the popular choice for patients and doctors alike as it offers easy access to healthcare with no exposure to contracting other illnesses like covid-19. As telemedicine increases in popularity, here are some trends that will improve telemedicine and make remote doctor visits the preferred option.

Increased acceptance – Medical practitioners have become accustomed to sharing information such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, and other medical data online. As more healthcare providers invest in such applications, regulations will be put into place to maintain confidentiality.

International partnerships – Telemedicine between countries has mostly been used by charities that share medical-data for better care. As companies and countries work together, telemedicine will offer medical care to other countries by improving payment schemes and international certifications.

Healthcare mobile applications – Mobile phone apps have helped to grow telemedicine by providing easy access to healthcare wherever you are. As wireless communications improve, visiting a doctor will become a thing of the past.

Virtual medical centers – These programs involve connecting a group of remote specialists that assist hospitals with in-house patients. This service will provide patients with the opportunity to receive specialized care that would otherwise not been accessible.

Decentralized telemedicine practices – Hospitals are looking at reducing costs by decentralizing practices like dermatology and mental health care as the service they offer remotely is as good as in-house consulting.

Telemedicine is an effective way to offering healthcare in a world where social distancing is the norm and health care specialists are in demand. New technologies and greater investment in this sector will make telemedicine the preferred way of meeting a healthcare practitioner. 

Francis Dunn Miami FL

Francis Dunn is based in Miami, Florida. He has worked as a health entrepreneur for over two decades using the latest technology to transform patient experiences. Over the course of his career, Francis Dunn has been fortunate to work with three tech startups, launching 25 technology products. At DMDconnects, he worked on a team that delivered over a 900 percent growth rate by implementing a range of innovative business drivers for the organization.