Foods That Can Damage Your Vision

There are plenty of foods that are high in certain kinds of vitamins and minerals that have been shown to improve your eyesight. Having a healthy diet can keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp, but by the same token, there are also certain foods that can have negative effects on your body. Avoiding, or at least limiting, the intake of these foods can reduce eye damage.

Fried Food

It should not come as a surprise that fried food is not the best for your body. Deep-fried carnival treats and fried chicken are tasty but they are usually prepared using vegetable and unsaturated fats that increase the risk of getting an eye-related condition, regardless of whether you wear eyeglasses or contact lens.

Rich Salad Dressing

Salads are a convenient way to consume large amounts of vegetables, giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay strong. However, most salads you will find at restaurants rarely just include vegetables. Cheese, croutons, and salad dressing are all ingredients that usually get mixed into the salad before it is served. The big problem with salad dressings is that, although they may look and even taste healthy, the majority of them are usually packed with high amounts of sugar and fat. High sugar intake has been linked to the development of age-related macular degeneration, which worsens your eyesight near the center of your vision. and even doctors cannot treat this kind of eye damage.

Salad dressing is dangerous because too much of it will essentially cancel out the healthy aspect that initially drew you towards the salad. Instead of reaching for the ranch dressing, ask for a light vinaigrette instead.