The Best ABS Exercises

Since the objective of every exercise-freak is to sport a pair of six-pack abs soon, one of the areas of focus in their exercise routine is on the muscle group also known as their abdominals (abs, for short).

And while getting best results for the efforts that you put in these days is also a matter of curiosity and one that generates a lot of opinion, here are the best …

Five Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises

If there’s one word to describe the reason why people want to use dumbbells to work out, try ‘body definition’. Of course, while the focus these days of most people is to burn fat, dumbbells ensure that the muscle groups that you focus on in your training sessions are strengthened sooner rather than later.
But are these benefits only related ‘body definition’?

While the answer to this question is a …

What Keeps Cindy Crawford Looking So Spectacular

Cindy-CrawfordEven though her days as a supermodel may have passed, one thing remains constant: Cindy Crawford looks great. And that’s no easy feat to pull off: how many celebs have we seen lose their looks or, even worse, hurt them by overdoing it with implants and other cosmetics procedures?

But Cindy is consistent. How does she do it? Well, after combing through interviews with this all-time supermodel, we found a …

Build Muscle and Have Your Pasta, too

Written by: Weight Gone Now

Pasta has a bad reputation; and it’s understandable, especially for people who’re trying to build muscle and stay lean. But not all pasta is bad for you. So that you don’t jeopardize your body-building efforts, learn how to transform your pasta meals from physique dangers to physique enhancers.


Pasta’s bad reputation comes from the way it’s made. The bad kind is white pasta. Milled and …