Reach your ideal weight loss zone

The lap band surgery is one of the leading weight loss surgeries in the United States. This weight loss surgery has become popular because of its minimized risk compared to any of the other weight loss surgeries out there. This surgery does not require any stapling or cutting and removal of the stomach. It’s a simple band placed around the upper part of the stomach, a procedure that is performed laparoscopically. This new upper pouch is used as a smaller stomach without any cutting. This will make the patient feel full faster and stay full longer. After the first year, 94.1% of patients were satisfied with the lap band surgery.

This gastric banding system has worked for most of the patients that have had this procedure done. With the band being adjustable makes the weight loss more personalized. Because everybody is different, some may only need one adjustment to feel full fast and some other patients may need more adjustments to reach their ideal weight loss zone. The band is adjusted by a lap band surgeon or a physician assistant.

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