Best Cheap vs Expensive Hearing Aids 2024

Here are 2 brands, a cheap affordable hearing device and a more expensive device both have pros and cons. It is advisable to read and explore both brands and make your decision based on what is best for your needs.

#1 Bossa Hearing Aids priced under $200

Visit the Bossa Hearing website to learn more about these amazing hearing instruments that fit into your ear and are discreet as well …

Are People with Hearing Loss at a Greater Risk of Getting Covid19?

During the Pandemic most people stayed indoors for months. This has been hard on our physical and mental health. And though it seems the world is moving forward in a more healthy new direction, there are still cases of Covid being reported each day. That’s why it’s important to maintain health-conscious habits such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

Those who are considered high risk should continue to be …