Where Does Ibogaine Come From?

West Africa is the source of Ibogaine; it is derived from a root bark and has been used successfully by the indigenous people of the area for generations. Beond Ibogaine was established to set up a treatment center where this drug treatment can be administered to people suffering from a multitude of problems. These include opiate addiction, alcoholism, and depression to name a few.

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico is a facility that has the capabilities and qualified medical staff to offer a safe and dependable environment to be treated with Ibogaine. The drug is psychedelic and needs to be administered under strict protocols and within a medical institution. The clinics offer not only professional medical clinicians but luxury accommodations and have a very high success rate using Ibogaine in a medical setting.

The amount of people that are addicted to opiates has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades. Ibogaine for opiate addiction has become a very successful way to change behaviors that are self-destructive by changing clients’ thought patterns using Ibogaine. When administered in a treatment center by qualified staff Ibogaine is a very useful medication to help people recover from opiate addiction and restore their lives to become functional in society once more.

Alternative therapies for depression have seen many different avenues explored to help people suffering from depression, but not many have been as successful as Ibogaine treatment. With this root bark-based psychedelic drug people are given the opportunity to look at the causes of their depression. At the Beond Ibogaine treatment centers, this psychotropic drug is used in conjunction with one on one counseling and group therapy sessions.

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