Four Overlooked Reasons to Quit Smoking

While everyone knows that smoking is bad for you that is not necessarily a sufficient reason for one to actually give it up.  In truth, apart from just causing heart disease, lung cancer and so on and so forth, there are several other overlooked reasons as to why one should quit smoking.

So, here is a list of reasons that one should consider if you are a smoker, and wish to quit:

Reason #1: Increases Alzheimer’s disease

Since the highlight of Alzheimer’s disease is the aspect of mental decline, a study taking almost 9200 people that were a mix of nonsmokers and smokers revealed that during the later years, the rate of mental decline is five times faster than that of nonsmokers.

Reason #2: Increases the risk of Lupus

Lupus, being an autoimmune disease, develops when one smokes regularly but the chances of it forming is reduced by almost nine times when one quits. Of course, the symptoms of this disease are pain, swelling and inflammation.

Reason #3: Increases the risk of blindness

According to a study, smokers are four times more likely to turn blind due to age-related macular degeneration as opposed to those who don’t smoke at all. Quitting will also decrease the risk of blindness substantially.

Reason #5: Impotence

A man’s ability to get an erection is greatly hampered due to smoking, and this conclusion was due to a study of 5000 Chinese men that revealed that men who smoked were more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as opposed to those who did not.