Blue Light and Your Vision

If you regularly use screens and realize that doing so tends to hurt your eyes, then you may be exposing your eyes to too much blue light. Blue light is a short and powerful light in the light spectrum that can be harmful after intense exposure, either after long amounts of time exposed or by being close to the source. There are, however, different ways you can protect your vision by changing how you approach the blue light coming out of your devices.

Smart App

There are some smart apps that you can download on your devices to monitor how much blue light is coming out of them. Unlike bausch and lomb contact lenses, these apps are able to change the temperature of the light you are exposed to.

Some of the more advanced apps will let you determine when it is on, set a specific color temperature, and set schedules for how the temperature should change throughout the day. This can allow you to find a solution that works best for you.

Physical Solution

Another solution to handling the blue that is emitted from your device is to get some sort of physical filter that will limit how much blue light your eyes are exposed to. One of the main ways you can do this is with a blue light filter on your glasses, similar to how contacts from provide a film over your vision. You can get the filter on lenses with or without a prescription.