The Best ABS Exercises

Since the objective of every exercise-freak is to sport a pair of six-pack abs soon, one of the areas of focus in their exercise routine is on the muscle group also known as their abdominals (abs, for short).

And while getting best results for the efforts that you put in these days is also a matter of curiosity and one that generates a lot of opinion, here are the best abs exercises that one can do in order to achieve the results they would like in a short period of time.

Exercise #1: Bicycle Exercise

In this form of exercise, one must keep their legs up in the air, and touch their left elbow with the right knees as you bring each leg towards your chest in a bicycling motion of sorts.

Exercise #2: Exercise Ball Crunch

This exercise makes use of an exercise ball crunch but the difference is that one sits on a Swiss ball while working out. Experts say that this exercise work the abs much more than normal crunches as the legs are used here as well.

Exercise #3: Vertical Leg Crunch

This one is also another variation of the normal crunch as it involves keeping your legs raised instead of being on the ground.

Exercise #4: Long Arm Crunch

This exercise is yet another variation of the normal crunch with the variation being that one has to keep their hands raised behind their head while they perform the crunches. Both exercise #3 & #4 are much tougher than normal crunches.