An insight to color correction

A color correction is an extreme change that is done after an unfortunate experience with a hair color or when you are looking for hair change. There are usually two common color corrections available; one is going from dark hair to much lighter hair or light hair to very dark hair. Color corrections can also be carried out in order to get rid of unwanted yellow or brassy tones. Danie’s Beauty Salon considers that everyone`s hair is different and requires a different color correction process.

Color correction can sometimes be done in one day but sometimes the customers need multiple color services that are done over a period of weeks or even months. It is recommended that the color correction must be done in a few sittings in order to prevent damage to the hair.

Always remember that you may not get the desired color in one sitting. This will give your hair time to recover from one lightening process instead of several processes in one sitting, which can be very damaging to your hair. This is because when you go from dark to light, a lightener or bleach is used. This de-colorizes the hair. Then a color or toner is used afterwards in order to put color back into the hair. This lightning process not only removes the color, but also robs the hair of protein, making it fragile and dry.

You can make an appointment at the Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA, for color correction.