Is LASIK Surgery Painful?

Most of you reading this may be looking for respite from the “so-called” dangers of LASIK surgery. Although you might come in with a horrific stigma, surgeons will explain that it’s actually a painless process. If you are looking to correct your vision, it may be worth your time to explore options beyond eye contacts and eyeglasses. LASIK surgery could be the treatment that you need to fully correct your eyesight.

The Procedure is Painless

The idea of lasers shooting straight into the eye might sound terrifying at best, but the reality of the surgery is that it’s painless. Another concern you might have is the fact that you’ll be awake throughout the surgery, but you actually won’t feel anything whatsoever.

Before the surgery begins, you will be given some eye drops that are designed to numb the entire eye. In addition to the drops, you may be given some other medication that can help calm your nerves before the surgery.

Quick and Easy

Surgery isn’t for everyone. Some people do better than others when it comes to invasive procedures such as this one. Fortunately, the actual surgery is much faster than you might expect. As a matter of fact, the procedure should only take around fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. That’s literally seconds when you’re in the operating room – it’s much faster than you might make it out to be. The speed and precision of these specialists make this surgery a painless and beneficial experience that is highly recommended.